By. Najih - 02 Feb 2024


Good food hygiene is a practice which includes good storage, food prep and cooking, to ensure that food is safe to consume. Good food hygiene guarantees that food has not been contaminated and is safe to eat. One way to achieve good food hygiene is staff training. Staff training in food hygiene plays a critical role in ensuring food safety and helps improve awareness of the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. Training enables staff to learn about potential hazards, understand the significance of a clean and hygienic environment, and prevent contamination and foodbourne illnesses. With training, staff can identify areas for improvement, develop necessary skills, and take responsibility for maintaining high hygiene standards. Consistent good hygiene practices can help reduce the risk of contamination. Food equipment cleaning is one of the themes of the training at PT Kelola Laut Nusantara.


Cleaning food equipment is essential to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and ensure food safety. Failure to properly clean and sanitize equipment can lead to cross-contamination and increase the risk of foodbourne illness. Food handlers should be trained on how to effectively clean and sanitize equipment to prevent cross-contamination. This includes using the correct cleaning and sanitizing agents, ensuring that all equipment surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, and following the appropriate cleaning and sanitizing procedures. By training staff on the proper cleaning of food equipment, food businesses can maintain high hygiene standards, prevent food contamination, and protect the health of consumers.


The step approach to cleaning and sanitizing:

  1. Remove debris
  2. Rinse with clean water
  3. Clean with detergent and a good scrubbing
  4. Rinse by soaking in chemical water
  5. Clean using boiling water
  6. Dry and arrange the clean equipment


PT Kelola Laut Nusantara conducts staff training food hygiene is carried out every month according to the HACCP calendar. There are many benefits from having good standards of food hygiene. These include: satisfied customers and repeat custom, a good reputation, a good food hygiene rating, and compliance with food safety legislation.

Staff training food hygiene focus on how to effectively clean and sanitize equipment to prevent cross-contamination


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