Sustainable Fishing Using Huhate Technique

By. Nevanda - 22 Feb 2023

img - What is Huhate? Huhate is an fishing technique that commonly use by fishermen on eastern Indonesia region. This fishing technique is specifically aim for skipjack fish, sometimes it can be used to catch deho or tuna as well. Huhate technique is used for fishing a great amount of fish in a short period of time. Using this technique, expert fishermen can catch 40-50 skipjacks in one minutes.


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First thing to do is the fishermen preparing all the gear and live bait. After all is set, the fishing boat went to look for area where the school of fish is located. It is done by an ‘observer’ using telescope on the boat bridge. When the school of fish is spotted then abserver also identify the direction which fish swimming. All the fishers must be ready on their position at this point while the boat is approaching from the side. The way boat approach the school of fish is must be done from the side, it can’t come from behind.


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The bait then thrown to the water after fish distance is thought to be within reach and fish is led to the bow. Throwing the bait must be done as quick as possible so that fish can follow the bait toward the bow. When the bait is thrown, the boat turns on the water spray engine which is making fish view to be blurry and so the fish stay near the boat. When the fish is starting to approach the boat, boat engine will be turned off. Fishing process is now starting and it must be done quickly because the school of fish can be disappeared at any moment. This step usually just take 15-30 minutes until it is finished. When it feel like fish get caught on the hook, the fishers will quickly pull the rod so that the fish will land on the boat and automatically off the hook. This step is done so fast and repeatedly.

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