Introduction to Fish Parts

By. Nevanda - 16 Feb 2023

img - Fish are aquatic animal that breathe through their gill and move by swims. There are hundreds kinds of fish that have been caught by human for consumed as food source. Fish as source of human dietary has been important because its content of nutrition. The part of fish that we are consume mostly is the meat. Many people still doesn’t know what other fish body part names or what it's function to the fish itself. 


In general, fish body parts consist of head, body, fin and tail. Each parts play different role and sometimes can be different shapes among other kind of fishes. Below listed some of the fish part and the location of each part.


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•    Head:
1)    Eye: To see surrounding environment
2)    Mouth: Shapes of fish mouth is different depend on their type of diet
3)    Gills: Fishes breath through their gill. Fish gill have a lot blood vessels called capillaries that helps fish exchange oxygen and carbondioxide underwater


•    Body:
1)    Scales: It can produce mucus to protect fish body from friction
2)    Lateral line: Helps fish to detect changes in water pressure. It look like darker line that appear from end of the head elongated until the start of the tail


•    Fin and Tail:
1)    Dorsal Fin: Used as stabilizer while swimming, located on the top of the fish between head and tail
2)    Pectoral Fin: Helping fish to move side to side, located on the either side of fish near the gills
3)    Pelvic Fin: Help up and down movement of fish, located on the bottom side of the fish and it is paired fin
4)    Anal Fin: To stabilize the fish movement, located on the bottom by the anus
5)    Tail/Caudal Fin: Provides the power to moves forward, located at the end of fish


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