Getting to Know Grouper

By. Nevanda - 16 Feb 2023

img - Grouper is carnivorous fish that inhabit the shallow waters and coral ecosystem. Their body are stout and they’re having a huge mouth. This huge mouth helps them suck in their prey at once gulp. Their prey consist of smaller fish, crustacean, squid, and zooplankton. Grouper meat tastes delicious and for that reason grouper is in a great demand for a fish consumption. This fish can be found in tropic and subtropic waters around the world. 


Grouper has diverse color of its scales, they can be brown, yellow, black, red and green. Their biggest threats are overfishing and habitat destruction. Luckily nowadays more countries are applying sustainable fishing so that this fish will thrive in number. In Indonesia, grouper production mostly obtained by aquaculture and sustainable fishing gear. By 2020 according to Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia, grouper production in Indonesia is reaching 3.632* tons.


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Here’s some interesting fact of Grouper that you might want to know:
1.    Most of the Grouper fish are born female, but when they get older its can change into male
2.    Groupers are belong to Serranidae family, but not all fish in Serranidae family are Groupers
3.    Goliath Grouper, the largest grouper, can grow up to 8 feet long and 800 pounds in weigh
4.    While the smallest grouper, The Coney, just about a foot long and weigh a pound
5.    They can eat Red Lionfish, which famous for their venom and an invasive species
6.    They swallow their prey instead of biting it
7.    There are about 8 species of grouper fish in Indonesia
8.    Their eggs can hatch just  1-2 days after fertilization


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Grouper fish have unique eating patterns. They’ll feeding before the sun rise and at dusk before sunset. This fish is rarely eating whats already fell down to the bottom of the sea. They will ambush their prey from below and gulp it for instance. Young grouper likes to eat small crustacean, while the adult will likely to hunt for smaller fish.


*not the exact numbers

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