How to make BEST QUALITY FISH fillet products ? at Lola Seafood

By. Junaedi - 03 Apr 2023


Video Description :

LoLa seafood is our own brand from PT Kelola Laut Nusantara (PT KLN)

PT Kelola Laut Nusantara established in 2011 as an International Fisheries Company.


We have our own a fish processing plant which located in Juwana, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. 

While we have several of our own fishing boats, but we also partnership with Local fisherman. 


Our founder love to work together with local fisherman & local business to prosper. 


Since 2011, we have exported to USA, Japan, Australia, & China.

You can even use your own brand within our products.

Please let us know how we can help your seafood needs & products. 


Please do visit our site for more information: 


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PT Kelola Laut Nusantara

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