5 Benefits on Consuming Dory

By. Nevanda - 07 Mar 2023


kelolalaut.com - Dory fish is one of the marine fish that we use as food source. Dory fish has a flat shape body, brown color, large eyes and a dark spot on each of their body side. Dory fish has a white, clean meat and usually sold in fillet form. 

Dory fish contain some essential nutrition like most of marine fish does. They have omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, iodine, selenium and others. Omega-3 fatty acid is known to improve brain and cardiovascular function. Here are 5 benefits that you can get by consuming dory

1.    Improve Skin Health

One of the benefits of omega-3 that you can get from consuming fish is to prevent any wrinkles and also keep the skin look fresh. This will make you skin look healthier, clean, and look young. The nutrient on a fish also can helps stimulate cells and hormones to keep the skin from radiation and free radical. 


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2.    Improve Brain Function

Omega-3 fatty acid also known for its benefit on brain function. It can helps repair the cells damage and trigger the brain cells growth. This contain of fatty acid is so important especially on infant or kids to improve concentration and brain development process.  

3.    Maintain Eye Health

Consuming fish including dory fish can helps you to maintain health of your eyes. Beside omega-3 fatty acid, fish meat also has some essential vitamin like vitamin A which can help to maintain the eye health. 


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4.    Keep a Healthy Hearth

Nutrient content of fish is quite complete, you can get fatty acid, vitamin and mineral. Fatty acid is an type of healthy fat that will lower your risk of getting cardiovascular disease

5.    Strengthen Muscles

Vitamin content on dory fish help to provide healthy muscle. Protein in a fish also has a role to build muscle mass and speed up new cells to form.


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