By. Najih - 04 Apr 2024


Value-added fisheries product becomes increasing because of the increased realization of valuable foreign exchange. These products range from live fish and shellfish to ready to serve convenience products. The major traded value-added products were canned shrimp, imitation crabsticks, marinated products, fish pastes, fish cakes and fish sauces.


Marketing of value-added products is completely different from the traditional seafood trade. It is dynamic, sensitive, complex and very expensive. Market surveys, packaging and advertising are a few of the very important areas, which ultimately determine the successful movement of a new product. Most of the market channels currently used is not suitable to trade value added products. A new appropriate channel would be the super market chains which want to procure directly from the source of supply. Appearance, packaging and display are all important factors leading to successful marketing of any new value-added product. The retail pack must be clean, crisp and clear and make the contents appear attractive to the consumer. The consumer must be given confidence to experiment with a new product launched in the market. Packaging requirements change with product form, target group, market area, species used and so on. The latest packaging must also keep abreast with the latest technology.


Advantages of value-added:

· Value added products meet changing consumer life-style requirements

· Offers better utilization of different low value fishes as well as by-catches.

· Facilitates incorporation of other ingredients for culinary benefits, quality and economy.

· Promotes employment, entrepreneur ventures and exports and also minimizes imports.

· Provides greater convenience to consumer through decreasing preparation time and minimizing preparation steps.

· In general, returns out of value-added products are always greater than fresh fish/ shell fishes.


There are some disadvantages as well:

· Value addition increases the cost of product.

· Requires skilled technology, attractive packing and refrigerated storage etc. But the advantages are more.

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