You Should Store Your Seafood Properly

By. Nevanda - 20 Feb 2023

img - When it came to storing seafood you should be careful to handle it. With the right way when storing seafood you can keep it fresh and tasty. It will also avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. Seafood should be handled in a clean area of your kitchen. Always wash your hand before and after you touch seafood product. If you can, use home thermometer to make sure that your refrigerator is in the right temperature to store seafood which is 40 degrees or lower. If you don’t have thermometer, you can keep your seafood in the coldest part of the refrigerator or keep it in the freezer when it is not cooked immediately.

If you don’t store your seafood properly, it would become rot rapidly. Warm air makes the fish will spoil faster, so it is important to store it on ice or in cold temperature. You should store your seafood in the freezer if you don’t plan on preparing it right away. Remove the fish or seafood from store packaging, then rinse it in the water. Pat dry the seafood with paper towel and store it in the freezer bag or freezer safe container.  


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Finfish: You can store this type of seafood in a refrigerator and immediately cook it within one or two days after purchasing it. If you don’t want to cook it yet, wrap the fish in a moisture-proof bag and keep it in the freezer.


Shellfish: this is including clam, mussel, and oyster that are purchased live you can put in in the shallow pan that has no water in it. Cover it with moistened paper towel then keep it in the refrigerator. For clams and mussel they can be used as fresh seafood up to 2-3 days, while oyster can last 7-10 days. Live lobster and crab should be cooked after you purchase it.


Frozen seafood: you should keep it frozen until you want to cook it. It is a good idea to date frozen seafood so you can use FIFO methods (First In First Out). Before you cook it, frozen seafood must be thawed properly. To thawed it you can move it into refrigerator overnight before start cooking it.


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